We take great pride in JOEY’s anti-pickpocket design.

On the top, JOEY is protected by a large and sturdy magnetic Fidlock fastener. The secure snap functionality ensures a continuously high locking force. Someone who hasn’t used Fidlock fasteners before will even have trouble opening it at first.

In addition, after you open the top lid you still have to open the YKK zippers in order to access JOEY’s interior. If you take all the zippers to one side, so they sit next to your elbow, it makes it that much more difficult to access JOEY without you taking notice of it.

Lastly, there are several features on JOEY intended to keep your valuables safe, including a concealed, waterproof pocket on the hip pad which sits right up against your back, hidden side zippers under the top opening to the mesh pockets, a top lid pocket that is situated behind your neck, and easy-access pockets right next to your elbows.